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Posters designed for rasing awareness
of various non-governmental organizations.
Agency: Not Perfect | Y&R
Client: NGO (non-govermental organizations)
The Goal: to emphasize that non-governmental organizations
aren't less important than those, owned by the government. 
- Maisto bankas ("Food Bank", Independent food charity organization, fighting against food waste)
- Gelbėkit vaikus ("Save the Kids", provides social help for kids not only in Lithuania and Zambia)
- Darom ("Let's do It", An initiative that gets people together to collectively clean up Lithuania from waste)
- Raudonos nosys ("Red Noses" - a social clown/entertainment  based therapy for kids in hospitals)
- aukok.lt ("donate", The first online donation site in LT that allows individuals and businesses donate money online)
- Socialinis Taxi ("Social Taxi" - a unique service that helps to ensure the movement of people with disabilities to travel to places of employment).
POSTERS displayed arround the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. 
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