Typography and music: by connecting these two fields, a typographic project „Aerofont”
was born. „Aerofont” is a set of spatial musical letters, which one can read, hear and play.
The function of these spatial letters imitates the principles of a synthesizer from an aerofone
(blown) instrument family because it is possible to send out inter-textual messages
by using them. The purpose of the letters is to convey the aesthetical message of music
without the author/performer. In other words, everyone becomes a musician using the
„Aerofont” letters, because the usage of letters and broadcast of sound creates cohesion
between the subject and the object and allows the aesthetical and cultural experience to
be conveyed and synthesized.
The purpose of the project „Aerofont” is to convey the aesthetical sense of the typeface
„Trečiokas” without the format upstaging the content and delicately complementing it
In this project, the typographic letters are equalized with musical wind instruments by
imitating functions of a synthesizer. Eight uniquely shaped spatial musical letters were created
by combining plastic pipes, mouthpieces of a saxophone and funnels, which adjust the pitch
of sound. All this was done referencing principles of wind instruments.

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